Saturday, April 27, 2013

Winnie the Pooh Cookies

Thanks to a picture of Magnolia Pancake Haus posted on Instagram, I found out that my friend/colleague from college Jessica also lives in San Antonio!  We had the greatest job ever working as a "Supplemental Instructor" and at "Tutor Zones" at Texas A&M, but we hadn't really spoken since we graduated.  After we touched base with each other, she saw my cookies and contacted me about making Winnie the Pooh cookies for her niece's 1st birthday party.

Now, if I'm being completely honest, I was a little freaked out about making a character cookie.  The cookie has to be spot on and just the slightest element being off will ruin the look of whole cookie.  But, I put on a brave face and set out to conquer this fear!


Happy Birthday, Sakura.  You are one very loved little girl and very lucky to have such a wonderful aunt! 

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