Monday, June 17, 2013

Baby Shower Cookies: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Big News! My friend Kim is my first returning customer!  You may remember me talking about her in my Firefighter Cookies post.  Her sister-in-law Jordan and her husband Michael are expecting a precious baby boy this summer and Kim was helping throw a book-themed baby shower for them. 

I first met Jordan at Kim's bachelorette party.  She was so fun and you know how sometimes you just meet someone and you instantly click?  That's how I felt with Jordan.  Now, if she only didn't live in College Station... But, back to the cookies.  Kim and I discussed several ideas and she asked if I thought I would be able to make the mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  I honestly was a little concerned because it was another one of those feared character cookies.  Also, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie just happens to be Jordan's favorite childhood book, so no pressure, right?!  But, this cookie journey has been about taking on new challenges and improving every day.  And, oh boy (pun somewhat intended), am I glad that I took on the challenge! 

To complement the mice (there's a statement I never thought I'd say), I had the idea to do onesies with a chocolate-chip cookie with a bite out of it.

The following pictures are courtesy of Kim from the shower.  She also made the super yummy chocolate-chip cookies to really bring it all together.  After all, what is the mouse without his cookie?

Kim with the beautiful mom-to-be, Jordan, at the shower.

Jordan, I am so excited for you to be Grayson's mom!  Little boys come with their challenges, but they are also so much fun.  I know you are going to be an amazing mom, but remember that it takes a village and fortunately you have an amazing, supportive family around you.  James can tell you from experience how much Aunt Kim is going to spoil that baby!

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  1. What cookie cutter did you use for the mouse?