Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Baptism Day, Wes: Baptism Cookies

We have been blessed to make some pretty great friends here in San Antonio.  I met Erin through my play group that I joined in those early months of motherhood when you are desperate for adult interaction.  She has since become one of my closest friends here and our husbands have hit it off as well, which is a HUGE added bonus! 

Erin and her husband PJ have an adorable son named Wesley.  He is such a little ham and he cracks me up with how animated he is.  My favorite thing he does has to be when he gives his plastic dinosaur a drink by dipping his head in the water and smacking his lips.  You really have to see it- it is too cute! 

Wes got baptized today and Erin wanted cookies to celebrate the big day.  We searched through Pinterest, Etsy, and Flickr for inspiration and finally settled on crosses and monogram cookies.


Congratulations on this big day, Wes!  We feel so blessed and honored to have joined in the celebration!

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