Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Father's Day: Father & Son Silhouette Cookies

Father's Day is almost here and I wanted to do something special for one of the best fathers I know, my husband Kevin.  Kevin is an incredible father to James and I am so blessed to have a partner who shares the load and helps so much.  James goes crazy every weekday when he hears the garage go up because he knows that "Dada" is home.

One of James's favorite places in the world is sitting on his Dada's shoulders.  I still remember the first time I saw him up there (the picture on the right).  I was inside "cleaning" (at least that's what I told Kevin I was doing) and I hear a knock at the front door.  I go to answer and I see this adorable, chubby face smiling down at me.

Since then, we have captured several photos of James in that same spot.  One of my favorite pictures of Kevin and James is one taken at his 1st birthday by my friend Krista of Event Identity.  It is the picture on the left above and on the right below.  He just looks so content up there.

I also can't believe it's been a year already since Kevin's first Father's Day, picture on the top right.  James was smitten with his Daddy from the get-go.  I even joked that now was the time that James was supposed to be obsessed with Mommy and that Kevin would get his time later when James got into sports and what-not.  

These beautiful photos were captured by my friend Lynnsay Macey of Lynnsay Macey Photography.  It just melts my heart when I look at these and see the joy in James's eyes. 

Kevin, since James is not yet able to express it to you, I want you to know that he already adores you and can't get enough of spending time with you.  Every day when you get home from work and y'all play outside together is one of his favorite times of the day.  He loves bonding with you and I already see him wanting to be just like you.  You are his hero, his supporter, his mentor, his provider, his biggest fan, his teacher, but most importantly, You are his Dad.  

We love you!


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