Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Shower Cookies: Bowties and Onesies

The very first friend I made when moving to San Antonio was Christina.  As fate would have it, she was pregnant also and our due dates were within two weeks of each other.  If that isn't something that can create an instant bond, I don't know what is!  Christina's neighbor Gretchen was pregnant at the time as well and we actually ended up having our babies on the same day.  Thus leading Christina to forever have the dilemma of two birthday parties to attend on the same day. 

Fast forward to now and Gretchen is pregnant with her second!  How exciting!  Christina asked me to make some cookies to celebrate the occasion and we had to go with a "little man" theme because they were thrilled to find out they were having a boy after having a girl the first go-around.

And they are naming the sweet boy....

Congratulations, Gretchen!  Having a "little man" is the best!

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