Monday, June 3, 2013

Going Away Cookies: Part One

It is a very, very sad day in the Supak house.  My friend Jenny is moving away and with her she is taking her two precious boys, Mark and Luke.  

I first met Jenny back in October when she joined our play group.  Jenny is one of those people that you meet and you immediately feel like you've known her forever.  She has one of the warmest, most welcoming personalities and I am pretty sure she does not know a stranger. Also, and probably most importantly, she shares my desperation to get out of the house every day.  This means seeing her and her boys on a daily basis has become a staple in my life.  There is definitely going to be a big void once they move.  Fortunately, they are moving to College Station, which isn't too far from San Antonio, so visits are going to be frequent!  

In under three hours, we can be in College Station.  Correction- we will be in College Station for our visits!

No matter what language you say it in, it's very hard to say good bye. Hopefully, having a sweet treat will make it a little easier.


  1. we are going to miss you all so much more than I can say. we can't wait for you to visit:)

    1. We will miss you guys so much! Visits will be frequent!