Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Shower: Mr. & Mrs. Cookies

Right before we moved to San Antonio, our good friends Trey and Erin moved to Cleveland.  We've done a great job at staying in touch and keeping close by chatting on the phone regularly, "facetiming" occasionally, and we've visited each other in our new home towns.  It's definitely not the same as being in the same city, but we're making it work!

Erin's sister, Ashley, is getting married!  Erin is helping host her shower and asked if I could make the cookies for it.  She scoured through Pinterest and stumbled across some "Mr. & Mrs." cookies.  While I am stuck coveting the cookie cutter used in the picture she showed me since it is sold out on Karen's Cookies and costs way more than I can justify spending on a cookie cutter on Copper Gifts, I had to come up with my own version.  Since I didn't have the added elegance of the cookie cutter, I added a border and used cursive instead of print.

Erin, give Emma a big hug from James.  I hope you had a great shower, Ashley! Congratulations! 

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