Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Going Away Cookies: Part Two

As you found out in my previous blog post, my dear friend Jenny is moving.  We had her going away party last Saturday, and I really wanted to make her something special.  I contacted the girls in the playgroup that are closest to Jenny and asked them to let me know what they are going to miss most about her.  The responses poured in and that is a true reflection in the amazing friend, mother, and person she is.  

I was inspired by subway art that I've seen a lot on Pinterest.  I try to use that look to cram all the many reasons we will miss Jenny.  I also listed ones below that didn't make it to the cookies.

·       I'll miss her laugh.
·       I'll miss seeing Mark with a peanut butter spoon.
·       I'll miss how welcoming and accepting she is.  She was one of the first moms to make me feel like a part of the group. 
·       I'll miss her playing with James & making him laugh when she knows he's driving me nuts.

·       I'll miss her warm, welcoming smile.
·       I'll miss her loud laugh. 
·       I'll miss the way she made mothering look easy. 
·       I'll miss her butterscotch oatmeal cookies. 
·       I'll really miss her at all meet-ups and get-togethers. It won't be the same.

·       I'll miss the box of HEB honey grahams she always had with her.
·       I'll miss knowing there's someone else who wants to get out every day.
·       I'll miss her outgoing personality that will step up when I am being a scaredy cat.
·       I'll miss borrowing her computer all the time.
·       I'll miss her always saying Mark and Virginia look like Cabbage Patch kids.

·       I'll miss seeing her at all the meetups. She always puts a smile on his face!
·       I'll miss her funny one liners - "I don't know if Mark is brave or stupid"
·       I'll miss the desperate "I have to get out of the house" phone calls/ fb messages.
·       I'll miss how she can make me laugh when I want nothing more than to pout and be sad.

Jenny, there are so very many reasons we will miss you, but I would need a much, much bigger cookie to share them all with you!  My heart is breaking that you are moving away, but I came across a quote that Winnie the Pooh wisely said that summed it up perfectly: 

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

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