Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tara: Kentucky Derby Cookies

Right around the time we moved from Houston, our good friends Steve and Tara moved away as well.  Their move was just slighty farther than ours and they ended up all the way in Minnesota! Tara saw my cookies on Facebook and wanted to know if I could make her some cookies for her birthday.  They are doing a birthday party/Kentucky Derby party. How fun is that?!
When I heard Kentucky Derby, I immediately thought horses, roses, and big hats.  Tara sent me a picture of some other cookies she found through a Google search.  The picture she found just happened to be cookies done by Ali Bee's Bake Shop, a blog I admire and follow and aspire to be as good as someday. So I used the picture she sent me for inspiration (and a direct copy in some cases J ) and here is the result!

Royal Icing Roses on a horseshoe
The horses of course 
Jockey Silks
Roses are a must since it is "The Run for the Roses" after all.
Hats - the bigger the better!

One of these days, we will have to make the trek up to Minnesota to see y'all.  Hope you have a wonderful time at the party this weekend and sip a Mint Julep for me!

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