Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jack: Pikachu Cookies

Today is my nephew Jack's birthday!
I cannot believe that he is 7.  It seems just yesterday I was in my dorm room at A&M jumping up and down in joy as my sister told me she was pregnant.  And I'll never forget getting home late after my trip from Germany and Katie asking me if I wanted to meet him.  Of course! There he was- this perfect little baby.  It was really my first experience with a newborn and I remember being struck by his "frog legs" and it amused me how I could pull one down and it would bounce right back like a spring. I was so awestruck with him and thought it was so unique and special. I now know it is a hallmark of a newborn.
Jack is my first nephew and the sweet boy that promoted me to one of my favorite jobs: being Aunt Malu.  I love how sensitive and loving he is.  I love his big brown eyes and his cowlick. I love that he told me I am "a really good artist" after seeing the Pikachu cookies.  I even love that my standard greeting from him nowadays is, "Hi, Aunt Malu, where's Uncle Kevin?" But probably most of all, I love his hugs.  When he asked if I could make cookies for his party and described the exact expression he wanted Pikachu to have, how could I say no?! Once again, I was forced to face my fears of the dreaded character cookies!
The one of the left is the face Jack described in detail.  He explained the positioning of his ears and said he should have a smile "like this" while demonstrating for me.

I hope you have an amazing birthday, Jack! I love you so much!

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