Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween Cookie Bouquet

We are adding yet another item to our menu: Cookie Bouquets!  Just like with my cookies, they will be priced out on an individual basis depending on the detail and number of cookies in the bouquet.  As a rough pricing guideline, the prices for the bouquets will start at the following prices:
  • 3 cookie bouquet -   $10
  • 4 cookie bouquet -   $15
  • 6 cookie bouquet -   $20
  • 9 cookie bouquet -   $30
  • 12 cookie bouquet - $40
For Halloween, I made a simple 3 cookie bouquet that I actually used as a display at the MOPS Market this past Saturday.  I splurged a little on the burlap box at Hobby Lobby, but it was so perfect, I couldn't resist.


Have a very Happy Halloween, everyone!

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