Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Krista- Part One: Birthday Cakes and Name Plaques

We love our new life here in San Antonio, but there are still some things back in Houston that made moving here hard.  Our dear friends, Henry and Krista (and Ember), are at the very top of that list.
It was Krista's birthday back in June and she asked if I would do some cookies for the celebration.  She let me have complete artistic freedom in creating the cookies.  I was both excited and challenged by this opportunity.  I knew immediately I wanted to do a "summery" color pallete and went with coral, turquoise and white.  I did a twist of the birthday cookies I made for my sister Katie to make them a little more elegant, and then I thought a birthday just isn't a birthday without cake!

The beautiful shots below are by the birthday girl herself.  She is extremely talented and you should check out her event planning business, Event Identity.


I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration, Krista!  Thank you for being such an amazing, loving, and loyal friend.  Make sure and come back for part two of her birthday cookies!

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