Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Egg Cookies

I'm not crazy about hard-boiled eggs.  Love dying them and decorating them for Easter, but eating them afterwards? No thanks.  My mom usually makes deviled eggs out of them, but that just takes something I'm not fond of, hard-boiled eggs, and adding two things to it that I hate, mayonnaise and mustard.  Because of this, I found it necessary to create some Easter eggs that I would actually enjoy eating! 

It was also the perfect opportunity to test out a new chocolate cut-out cookie recipe.  I fortunately unfortunately messed one up, so I was able to try it and it passed with flying colors.  My official taste testers, AKA my family, will let me know what they think tomorrow.  Although, my dad willingly ate my Easy Bake oven concoctions when I was a little girl, so I think it is safe to say he doesn't have the most discerning palate when it comes to sweets. :)
The whole collection

That grubby little hand belongs to my sweet son, James.  Making and photographing cookies with a 13-month old around is not the easiest task.  He is like a vulture!
I think it is safe to say I will enjoy eating these Easter eggs significantly more than the deviled eggs that will come from our dyed ones- sorry, Mom!

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  1. Thanks so much for the cookie. I fully intended on sharing half of it with Dax but alas, I ate all of it on my way home last night. It was just too delicious.
    By the way, love the pic with James's hand. Really cute!