Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I made these cookies for my sweet friend Vanessa to bring to school to give to her co-workers to brighten up their day.  It will be the first day back since spring break, and let's be honest, the students aren't the only ones dreading  not eagerly anticipating the end of a week's vacation.

The colors I chose were inspired by Ireland's flag: orange, green and white.  I threw in the lime green for a punch of color.  My husband's favorite ended up being the Shamrock with the face.  He liked the simplicity of it.  Meanwhile, I like the cookie with the orange, green and lime marbling with the sugar shamrock in the center.  Probably the busiest cookie in the bunch!

                                                           The entire package

The clovers

                                                                 Kevin's Favorite

                                                                       My favorite

"Top o' the morning" to all the hard-working teachers out there!  I know from experience how difficult the first day back after a break is.  Hopefully, these cookies can give you the burst of energy to get through it! 

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